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What Is the Danger of Takfir? - Ask About Islam

What Is the Danger of Takfir?

Name of Questioner: Mohamed

Date: 21-12-2016 03:34:10 PM

Consultant: Ask About Islam Editorial Staff


Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah I am a Muslim but I am so worried about the increasing inclination of some people towards Takfir. Please, elaborate on the seriousness of this issue. Salam

Wa alaikum assalamu wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh

Dear questioner, thank you for your important question.

With regard to your question, I quote important statements by the well-known Sheikh Abdullah Bin Bayyah who said, “A Muslim shall not be judged unbeliever as long as his words can be interpreted as having a good implication or his unbelief is controversial, even if on the grounds of a weak narration. Accordingly, most of the sayings allegedly entailing Takfir shall not be judged as a reason for Takfir. I have decided never to give a fatwa of Takfir based on such sayings” [Al-Bahr Dictionary].

In Al-Fatawa, Sheikh Al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah stated, “Companions and all Muslim Imams unanimously agreed that not everyone who says something wrong, even if contradicting with the Sunnah, is necessarily to be judged unbeliever. Thus, using Takfir against anyone who claims a wrong opinion is against consensus. Takfir is a matter of controversy, which is discussed in detail elsewhere. What is meant here is that no followers of a certain Sheikh or Imam are entitled to use Takfir against others. It is authentically narrated that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “If a man says to his brother, ‘O Unbeliever’, it shall definitely apply to one of them”. (Bukhari and Muslim)


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