A French Youngman: I Was Blessed to Find Islam

Matthieu Cioccocini is a 22-year old French who became Muslim a few years ago.

Raised by a father who doesn’t believe in God, and a Catholic mother who doesn’t attend church regularly,  Matthieu didn’t receive any teachings about religion at the beginning.

The true beginning of learning about the religion was from his Muslim friends from Morocco, Turkey, Algeria and Tunisia.

Mathew started knowing more about Islam in a football match  from  a member of a Muslim da`wah group. This was the very beginning of an entirely new life as Muslim.

What exactly did  brother Matthieu learn about Islam? How does he see his life as Muslim? What are the challenges that he faces? Does he have a problem being French and Muslim? What is his advice for Muslims and non-Muslims?

In the video here brother Matthieu talks about that ……

Source: Islam True Religion TV