A Little Conversation with Darwin (Video)

By Truth Seeker Staff

The Theory of Evolution was founded by the naturalist and geologist Charles Darwin (1809–1882).

This theory is quite popular in the circles of the religious vs. atheist debates. Atheists see this theory as a strong justification for their atheism. Almost all atheists defend the validity of this theory and its scientific proofs. Regardless of this controversy, what is the position of the founder of this theory regarding the atheists’ dependence on his theory?!

This is what the film discusses by looking into the writings of Charles Darwin himself.

Editor’s Note:

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Allah the Almighty says in His Ever-Glorious Qur’an what means,

“Will they not regard the camels, how they are created? And the heaven, how it is railed? And the hills, how they are set up? And the earth, how it is spread? Remind them, for thou art but a remembrancer. Thou art not at all a warder over them. But whoso is averse and disbelieveth. Allah will punish him with direst punishment. Lo! unto Us is their return. And Ours their reckoning” (Al-Ghashiyah 88: 17-26).



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* This Video was created and produced by Guide To Islam and was taken and republished here with due reference.


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