A Message from the Islamic World

A Message from the Islamic World

Honorable brothers,

The verse says: “Our Lord, make us not objects of torment for the disbelievers” (Al-Mumtahanah 60:5)

When the Muslim resident makes a false accusation against a non-Muslim in a Western country

The non-Muslim other will be convinced that his religion is the truth while the Muslim’s is false

A Muslim who makes a mistake in his own country is seen as an individual

So-and-so made a mistake

but when a Muslim does the same mistake in a Western country, they blame it on his religion

You, Muslim, are standing on a frontier of the frontiers of this religion

So, don’t let the religion be attacked through your side

When a foreigner commits a mistake in a Western country they point fingers at their religion

Not at the person themselves as happens back in their home countries

Dear brothers,

There’s a message we need to convey to the West about the uprightness, purity, and righteousness of Muslims

about the honesty and trustworthiness of the believer

A message from the Islamic World to the Western world

And when you go back to your homeland carry these messages

Law is above all, the equality of opportunity, and etc.

There are good things there also

The success is not to spread the bad things of the two parties, but rather to convey good things about them both

It’s my personal conviction that there’s no more important issue than raising children in these countries

I have said to them many times during my multiple visits to America

If you have a position like Clinton’s, wealth like Ulysses’, and knowledge like Einstein’s, and your son is not as you wish him to be, then you are the most miserable of all men

Your son is an extension of you

“Then let him not remove you from Paradise” (Ta-Ha 20:117)

In Arabic the rest of verse should be made dual (so you both would suffer)

But in the verse it is made singular

Scholars deduced that a husband’s suffering is by necessity his wife’s suffering

And from this I deduce that

What distresses children by necessity distresses their fathers

Your happiness is incomplete without seeing your children happy; happiness is seeing them happy

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