Question about a hadith

Name of Questioner: Alexander Abood

Date: 30-1-2021 08:47:30 AM

Consultant: Ask about Islam Editorial Team


Assalamu alaikum, I read that Rasulullah (صلى الله عليه وسلم) said, “If anyone omits Salah than though he may redeem it yet he will burn Hell up to one Huqub for not offering it on time.” One Huqub is equal to 80 years and each year is equal to 360 days and a day in the hereafter will be equal to our 1000 years. This adds up to the total of 28,800,000 years. my question which Id like to ask is how authentic it is? and whats the grade of it? Jazakhalakhair

We thank and appreciate you for your question.

In the name of Allah, we seek his help and ask for his forgiveness in everything we do.

This is the hadith in Arabic,

من ترك الصلوة بلاعذر بقى فى النار ثما نين حقبة
والحقبة ثمانين سنة والسنة ثمانين شهرا والشهر ثمانين يوما
واليوم ثمانين ساعة والساعة ثمانين الف سنة مما تعدون
كتاب تذكيرة الواعظين

This hadith seems to be fabricated and cannot be authentically referred to the Prophet (peace be upon him) because it not found anywhere in the authentic books of hadith.