Which caliph officially ordered to compile hadith

Name of Questioner: naajih

Date: 15-12-2020 05:12:59 AM

Consultant: Ask about Islam Editorial Team


Which caliph officially ordered to compile hadith?

We thank you for your question.

In the name of Allah we ask him for his help and seek his forgiveness in everything we do.

In the beginning of the second Hijri century, during the reign of `Umar ibn `Abdul-`Aziz (AH 97-101/715-19 CE) the texts of Hadith were committed to writing. The Sunnah was collected in Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Yemen, and Khurasan. Leading theologians uttered some statements warning against unscrupulous reporters and their unreliable reports.

Imam Malik (d. AH 179/795 CE) was the first to undertake the comprehensive and systematic compilation of Hadith. His work is known as Al-Muwatta’ (The Trodden Path). Later, other compilations came into existence.