Beware of the Punishment of God

Beware of the Punishment of God

Stories of previous nations, who committed many sins and aggression.

And was punished by different kinds of acts of punishment.

That we read and hear “in Qur’an” and yet it is like that we don’t care.

The matter is just as `Umar said:

Those people have passed, but it is us that was meant by these examples

We are the ones the Qur’an addressing

It is not for the people of Thamud, nor for the people of `Aad

nor the companions of the thicket, and nor the people of Pharaoh.

They are from the past

This Qur’an was intended to whom?

It was intended to us, to learn a lesson, and to remember.

Indeed, the law of Allah is fixed and will never change.

They were punished for reasons

If these reasons existed among others, they will be punished too.

and you will not find in the way of Allah any change

No other nation was excepted but the nation of Unis

The law of Allah didn’t except but the people of Unis

When the reasons were there, and they earned the punishment, their believe benefitted them

But for the others, the way of Allah is fixed.

And now we are suffering from great matters.

That exist in our society, and exist more in others societies

We fear that an act of punishment will strike us.

To be punished by which the others was punished with, of crises and lessons.

We see people are snatched around us, yet we live in a safe country.

We must thank Allah for this favor

We must be thankful, and observe this favor in the way that is right

It is not enough to only thank Allah in words, but we have to work, and act.

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