Da`wah Through Smart Phones

Social media websites derive their strength from the direct contact between people. While people were influenced by various media in the past; today, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and smart phones have become familiar and already represent the main source for the exchange of information and news. Moreover, reactions became instantaneous and temporary to the extent that it is easier to measure the reactions on a particular event the moment it happens. Also, the traditional media do not play a key role in educating the various segments of society any longer, as this is simply attainable through an account on Twitter, Facebook or any other social means of communication.

s• The number of Facebook users has reached 1 billion, about half of them use smart phones to access Facebook. Also, the number of pictures on Facebook until mid-2011 has reached 100 billion pictures.

• The number of Twitter users reached half a billion active users who send 250 million Tweets a day.

• The number of messages sent through the application of “WhatsApp” is one billion messages per day, to more than forty million subscribers.

• The number of mobile phone subscribers worldwide is 5.9 billion, 85% of theme have internet browsers. Instagram is a new application with about 14 million accounts that have been created during 2011. 

• The number of BlackBerry users reached 71 million around the world, 87% of them use social media sites every day.

Therefore, the E-Da`wah committee belonging to Al-Najat Charity Society did not overlook this side as it took upon itself the activation of Da`wah work through these means, in addition to several websites it manages. We already run 51 accounts on Twitter for the purpose of direct and indirect Da`wah, including 30 new accounts for the Qur’an and Hadith in 10 languages ​​(English, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Indian, Tagalog, French, Romanian and Sinhalese).