Draupadi and Her Five Husbands in Hindu Myths

Draupadi with her five husbands.

The Meaning of Shamshan

The question: Is burning the dead body of a Hindu an old tradition or did it begin in the modern age?

The answer: In fact, it was begun later. For example, take the word Shamshan Ghat, the word Shamshan means the place where someone lies down. Thus, the word Shamshan itself denotes that ancient Hindus used to bury their dead in the beginning and the tradition of cremation was innovated later. Or cremation of dead body is a later development on the traditions.

According to the medical point of view, burial is better and does not have any harm while the tradition of burning has much harm on the atmosphere and air pollution.

One Wife and Five Brothers in Hinduism

The question: You presented the logical proof for the prohibition of sharing one wife between five brothers. But in Hinduism, there is a story that relates that Draupadi was shared by Pandavas?

The answer: Whenever the Hindu religious leaders do not find any logical interpretation for some myths, they try to find some excuses and say: “This story is based on Hari Katha Anantha (eternal divine story) and we are unable to understand it fully.” But sharing one woman between five brothers is not a general rule or common principle for the people. It was only for Draupadi and Panduas not for all. The story was an exception and not an established law.

However, those are false excuses and unsatisfactory interpretation and Hinduism is full of such interpretations.

The speaker has argued that Hindu scriptures have many references that prohibit sharing one wife between more than one people.


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