Feeling Content with Allah

By Editorial Staff

Feeling Content with Allah…

Allah the Almighty says: “and mankind was created weak.” (An-Nisaa’ 4:28)

If Allah created mankind stronger, they would be in no need of Him.

And whosoever is in no need of Allah will go astray.

Man was created weak in order to be in a continuing need of Allah.

And being in need of Allah will make him happy, rest his soul and enter Jannah (Paradise).

Sometimes, disadvantages turn to be great advantages.

Man is created weak. He is always afraid; afraid of diseases, afraid of poverty and afraid of his enemies.

Feeling afraid will get him in Allah’s way.

If man was created strong, he would be no longer in need of Allah and would be wretched as a result.

Allah has created man weak for his own good.

This is so critical.

If you do whatever Allah orders you, you will be happy and satisfied.

And when you keep away from whatever Allah forbids you to do, you will be happy and satisfied.

All things Allah ordered us to do are in accordance with Fitrah (natural disposition) that He created us upon.

So direct your face toward the religion, inclining to truth. (Adhere to) the fitrah of Allah upon which He has created all (people). (Ar-Rum 30:30)

(O Son of Adam, do not be afraid of a ruler as long as My Sovereignty remains and My Sovereignty never ceases.)

When you become a monotheist, you will feel comfortable, nothing people can learn better than monotheism.

When you truly believe that Allah is the Giver, the Preventer, the Abaser, the Exalter, the Bestower of Honor, the Humiliator and the Enricher, you have focused all your life in one direction.

And whoever focuses all his concerns on one thing, the Hereafter, Allah will relieve him of worldly concerns.

If you have an unjust boss, annoying wife, exhausting profession and low income, Allah will relieve all these sufferings.

(O son of Adam, seek me and if you find me, you will find all things.

And if you miss me, you will miss everything. And I am dearer to you than anything else.

Any whoever holds firmly only to Me, and the dwellers of the heaven and the earth plot against him,

I will make a way out for him.

And whosoever holds firmly to anyone else,

I know that through his intention, I deprive him of the thing he wants and cut all his ways into heavens.

O son of Adam, do not be afraid of lack of livelihood and My depositories (containing provision) all full and they will never run out.

When Allah is pleased with you, you will feel confident.

You will feel safe more than anyone else.

Once there was a man who was doing tawaf (circumambulation around the Ka`bah) and saw a great scholar.

The scholar asked the man: Are you pleased with God so that He is pleased with you?

The man answered: How can I be pleased with him while all what I wish is his pleasure!

The scholar said: You will be pleased with Allah if your pleasure with sufferings is like your pleasure with blessings.

To be precise, the sign of your faith is to be pleased with Allah in all your conditions.

(O son of Adam, seek me and if you find me, you will find all things.

And if you miss me, you will miss everything and I am dearer to you than anything else.

Trust in Allah is your way to Jannah (Paradise).