From a Former Opera Singer to Islam

Brother `Abdul-nur, a former opera singer from Spain, has converted to Islam. How did he accept Islam, and why? Here is the story:

I spent years searching for spirituality metaphysics, and meaningful philosophies.  Nearly 17 years later – when I was 40, I met a man speaking about spirituality, but with very deep, profound and meaningful sentences. I was curious to know what he was, what is his source. There was something different and deep in his words… where did he read this!

And almost after a year I found he is Muslim, but he never spoke about Islam. Then I asked him directly: “where did you read this?” He told me, “It’s from the Qur’an.”

At this point, I had a crack in my mind. My thoughts about Islam had nothing to do with religion. I thought Muslims are a sect in the desert. I knew nothing about the Qur’an. He told me it is the Last Testament; the last word of God. I returned home and spoke to my wife about what I heard. Then we both decided to embrace and this was the beginning.

Twenty years now he and his wife are Muslims.

Listen to brother `Abdul-nur to learn more about his life after being Muslim and listen to him calling the adhan


Source: Digital Mimbar

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