From Christianity to Islam… Back to Pure Nature & Innocence

She was raised as a Christian. Her life was pretty normal. Then things got weird. How did she feel about Christianity? How did she find Islam? Here’s the story in her own words…

Revert means that you’re going better. In Islam, everyone is born Muslim. One is born innocent and pure. So I’m saying I’m revert because I’m going back to that state.

I was raised as a Christian. I went to the church. We, me and my brother, went to Sunday school. I had normal family life with Mom and Dad and my three brothers. Things were pretty normal. We were like the most privileged family at the moment. But I think we had pre-normal life.

My parents divorced when I was eight, and I went to live with Mom here. Then that sweet thing suddenly started to get weird. I couldn’t ask to leave Christianity. And I didn’t. I just wanted to keep going to church. O, I got my Mom to drop me off at church by myself. I was listening to lessons, learning things. Then she was there to pick me up.

When I was about thirteen I wanted to rebel a little bit – perhaps against my religion. I told others I was Christian but I wasn’t Christian. I had a question mark.

When I was sixteen or perhaps fifteen and half I moved out on my own because my Mom had new partner. They had their life in which I wasn’t really involved. They had a daughter. My brother also moved out. And I felt like I don’t belong in this family. So I moved out. In fact my Mom helped me to move out. Yes, it’s weird. She didn’t stop me from moving out at all. I don’t know what she could say then. But I was happy on my own.

I started modeling when I was sixteen. And they kept telling me “You don’t have to worry. All you have to do is to wear bikini and move in a certain way”. I replied, “yes, yes. I could do that.”

Then they suddenly told me I was overweight and I needed to lose weight to continue on as a Model. It was then I thought like something was wrong. This was my last interview as a model.

I thought like those people seemed like they haven’t eaten anything a long time. That’s why they are really skinny. They starve themselves just to look good. All I was thinking “I just ate Dunkin’ Donuts and now I’m here! I don’t belong here. I want to go home”.  And obviously I didn’t get that job. I quitted modeling.

If I were Muslim then, I wouldn’t do  this, because in Islam, I just think about me as a woman knowing their limits. And there’re no limits in modeling when the woman takes off all her clothes.

After that I just lived quietly. I didn’t like big gatherings because I thought like I didn’t want to get along with strangers there. I just didn’t like people there. My parents didn’t support me. My Mom put some pullets- sometimes. She used to put me down.

How did this Christian sister find Islam? Why did she leave Christianity? How did Islam change her life? How did Islam brought her back on the right track?

Watch the video here to know about that and how her life went on as a Muslim…


Source: youtube/LoveAllah328 Channel


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