Good Tidings for You

By Editorial Staff

Good Tidings for You…

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Praise be to Allah, and prayers and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and his family and all His Companions.

Young people, unfortunately, want everything and immediately.

They say “Oh Allah, Oh Allah, Oh Allah” and want Allah to answer their du`aa’ right away.

This life is a test; and there’re stages, degrees (in positions), and obstacles.

Allah (Exalted be He) looks at our deeds

Then, He sees us striving continuously for His love.

After a while, when we successfully pass this test, Allah will look at you with His love.

He Calls out Jibreel and says to him: “I Love so-and-so; so love him” and your love spreads in heaven.

Then, Allah place acceptance of you on earth.

When Allah sees you struggling, striving, breaking up and getting back together

Committing a sin…

And you feel sad and humiliated

Then, you refer to Him, asking for forgiveness and mercy

Allah, the Most Merciful sees you and knows everything

Allah loves the sincerity of your heart, that you really want to get closer to Him; you love Him.

After spending this time striving, struggling

Comes the good tidings; the moment of distinction.

That you see in your dream that Allah loves you

Or that you are one of the people of Paradise and protection has been written for you

It what is referred to in Allah’s saying in the Qur’an, “For them are glad tidings, in the worldly life and in the Hereafter.” (Yunus 10:64)

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “Glad tidings in this worldly life are the good dreams

which the Muslim sees or which are seen about him.” It is a mercy from Allah, keeping firm this servant, and a sign of God-given dignity and love for him.

Which spurs the believer to tirelessly compete in goodness.

He yearns for meeting his Lord that, after these glad tidings.

He witnesses these glad tidings as Allah answers his du`aa’.

He sees how closer he gets to Allah.

He sees paranormal events that could ever happen except by Allah’s will and permission.

Oh Allah, the All-Mighty, make us among Your best servants!

Oh Allah, make us your hosts on earth, You are the Powerful, the Steadfast!

O Allah, how perfect You are and praise be to You. I testify that no one is God except You. I seek your Pardon and Forgiveness!