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Islam organizes the spiritual and moral life of man as well as the practical in order to live a normal balanced life. Every act of worship in Islam has a meaning, a purpose and a significance, and of  great spiritual, moral, and physical benefits.

Hajj, one of the five main pillars of Islam, gives a specific and practical example of acts of worship in Islam. A rich spiritual experience, Hajj has a great message and lessons for the benefit and wellbeing of man and all humanity, resulting in spiritual and behavioral development in the life of a Muslim.

Hajj is a life-time journey; if conducted properly, it will erase all sins of the pilgrim. So, every Muslim intending to undertake this journey should first learn well its rituals and how to perform them correctly.

This special folder presents a complete picture of Hajj, its wisdom, its rituals and the benefits that are reaped from undertaking the blessed journey.


What Is Hajj?
perform hajj Why do Muslims make pilgrimage to Makkah? What is the significance of some of the rituals performed during it? What are the conditions of hajj? What can Muslims learn from hajj? To know the answer to these questions, please click the links below.
kabah_makkah Hajj & the Spiritual Homeland of Every Muslim
Hajj in Different Religions Pilgrimage: The Journey of Different Religions



Rituals of Hajj and `Umrah
kabah_Makkah What are the rituals of hajj? What is the difference between hajj and `Umrah? What are the conditions of ihram? What nullifies one’s hajj? What makes one’s hajj accepted? To get an answer to these questions, please click the links below.
Muslim pilgrims look at a map as they ar Preparations for Hajj… How to Get Ready!
hajj_ihram Hajj Rites Made Easy…

E-Books on Hajj & `Umrah
ka`bah_Makkah The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “And Allah’s guests are three: A pilgrim performing Hajj, one performing `Umrah, and a person who fights in the cause of Allah”.
How to Make Hajj (1/3) New Muslims Guide Hajj and Umrah
Malcom X's Letter From Makkah – E-Da`wah Committee Malcom X’s Letter From Makkah – E-Da`wah Committee






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