How Hajj Marks the Islamic Uniqueness

Almighty Allah has made Islam, the final religion, an invincible stronghold against the aberrations and falsehoods of the perverted religions. The whole rituals, beliefs, ethics, and etiquettes of Islam marked the uniqueness of this religion and its dissimilarity from the corrupted doctrines and practices of infidels and disbelievers. Islamic rites came distinctly different from the blemished worshipping acts of the peoples of other religions. The Prophet (peace be upon him) was keen to accentuate this religious variance by enhancing the Islamic practice and dispensing with the fabricated acts of ignorant religions. This dissimilarity is by no means a cause of conflict and clash between religions, rather it enriches the uniqueness and singularity that distinguishes the last chosen religion of God, Islam.

The ritual of Hajj manifests that uniqueness of the religion of Islam. Every part of Hajj sustains the unlikeness of Islam to the former doctrines of disbelief, which is clear from the Qur’an and the reports from the Prophet (peace be upon him).

As known, the first place of worship that has been placed on the earth was the Ka`bah in Makkah. The Almighty God says,

Indeed, the first House [of worship] established for mankind was that at Makkah – blessed and a guidance for the worlds. (Aal `Imran 3:96)

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