Hemeroplanes Triptolemus: A Snake-Mimicking Caterpillar

Hemeroplane caterpillars can be found in various parts of Central and South America and Africa. This species, which looks no different to other caterpillars under normal conditions, undergoes a rapid change when threatened and miraculously comes to resemble a snake. If ever you are not sure if what you are seeing is the Hemeroplane caterpillar or a snake, it is always better to assume that it is a venomous snake. Wearing proper gear to protect your feet from snakes is always recommended when going outdoors and snake-infested areas. “While you might think that avoiding snakes will be sufficient, the reality is that avoiding snakes isn’t always that easy. Most snake bites occur before the snake is even seen, and therefore a strong pair of snake boots is an essential part of your arsenal for hiking or hunting in snake territory. “, reported by Lilly Harvey of ShoeAdviser.  Read more

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