How Did Ismaeel Chartier, US. Champion Wrestler, Convert to Islam?

By Editorial Staff

Imam Ismaeel Chartier is currently the Imam at the Clifton Mosque. He is a social activist and teacher.

What is his religious background? What didn’t he like about Christianity? What is the story of the Jewish rabbi who asked him if his mum Jewish or if he is going to marry a Jewish girl? How did he answer these questions?

What did he start wrestling? When did he stop wrestling and why? Who long did he stay in Greece? What did he study there? How long did he stay in Nepal? Did he like Hinduism and Buddhism? Where did he first know about Islam? What did he say when he saw and English translation of the Quran?

When did he decide to become Muslim? What did he feel after his conversion to Islam? How was his relation with his wife? How did she react to his decision to become Muslim?

Watch this video by Imam Ismaeel Chartier to know the answer to all these questions.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVZutLAVHty2wh4q9iqfLaA

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