How to Pray?

Do you want to learn how to pray to the Creator God Almighty.
Do you want to pray the same way that Jesus Christ prayed when fell on his face and he prayed to God Almighty alone the same way all the prophets of God prayed including the last Messenger sent to mankind Prophet Muhammad(Pbuh). IF your either a not yet Muslim and you want to learn more or your a new Muslim(A person who has submitted to the one God) then this video is for you. This is a very basic Short instructional on how to make the Prayer (Salat) in Islam. It’s a very easy and basic video showing you the different movements, postures and what to say in between all of them. Remember in no way does this replace a live teacher. This video is very basic and is meant to help the new Muslim get started with the most important part of Islam, Salat(prayer) after the Shahada(There is no God but God and Muhammad is his Messenger). Please Share this and pass it along
to all the New Muslims and those not yet Muslims who want to learn more about the way of life that God Almighty sent down for all human beings to live by Islam(Peace acquired by submitting your will to God’s will).

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