Invoking upon the Unjust

Is It Ok to Invoke upon the Unjust?

Yes, Dr. Rateb may Allah enlighten your vision

We have a question from our brother Abdullah; his boss was unjust to him as he gave all the credit of Abdullah for himself and he fired him.

Is it considered a sin if he invoked upon his boss?

Either he invoked Allah’s curse upon his boos or not, Allah will punish him

He doesn’t need to bother himself. It is impossible that a man could oppress any one and Allah wouldn’t punish him in the worldly life… no way.

Let me tell you… injustice is a sin that you will be punished for in the worldly life and the Hereafter.

No way… Subhan Allah

Injustice and persecute

You mean that even if he did not invoke Allah’s curse upon his boss, Allah will punish the unjust?


So is it OK to invoke Allah’s upon his boss out of feeling oppressed or it is considered a sin?

Of course, there is no problem with that

The one who invokes Allah’s curse upon the unjust is excused.

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