Is Islam the Religion of Truth?

By Editorial Staff

In face of distorted images about Islam, misconceived Islamic concepts and beliefs, every Muslim has to be armed with yaqeen (certainty). Every Muslim has to have a steadfast belief that Islam is the true religion that has been revealed by God to His last Messenger, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). It is the very meaning of Islam, and accordingly, of being a follower to and a believer in that religion.

As this is understood as a need and a necessity here, principally it is a prerequisite for one’s own belief…

Have you ever asked yourself: why are you Muslim, and not Christian or Jew? How many would answer that: ‘it is the religion of my fathers, and I’m, accordingly, following them’?

Being a Muslim is not an inherited belief nor is it restricted to the basic rituals or religious observations. It’s not a title, and it’s not the ideals one pays lip services to.

It’s neither an option nor merely a need. It’s a must to be a Muslim.

So, what does it mean to a Muslim and to believe in the unique Oneness of God? How could we, from strict belief in the Oneness of God and in the message revealed to Prophet Muhammad, prove this to others and why?

Here are the elaborate answers: