Liverpool FC Footballer Sadio Mane Cleaning the Mosque Toilets and Wudu Area in Liverpool

By Editorial Staff

On September 3 and after scoring at Leicester, the Liverpool Muslim star and the Singalese winger, Sadio Mane has been filmed cleaning the bathroom and wudu area in his local mosque, Al-Rahma, in Mulgrave Street, Liverpool.


The video has been shared on social media and received much reaction. Some see this action a sign of humbleness.


One said: “Humbling,” while another added, “What a guy!”


When interviewed by the Daily Mail in 2016, Mane said: “Religion is very important to me. I respect the rules of Islam and I pray five times a day, always.”


Mane grew up in the village of Bambali in southern Senegal, where his father was the imam at their local mosque.



Watch the video and share your thoughts with us.


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