Meaning of Life: The Beginning and the Ending

Life, in the shade of the Islamic Creed, has taught me

That in this life every beginning has an end

No matter how long we stay together we finally depart, and for every pleasure we experience there’s an end

This point at which things become fully complete is also the point at which they begin to get smaller and smaller, so be prepared for it

Look at the newborn… when they come into life come with them joy and happiness

And the adhan is uttered in their ear

Not long after that,

they are carried to the mosque to be prayed over

As if he has never laughed

As if he has never had fun with others

As if he has never rejoiced with others

It’s as if his life was as short as the time between the adhan and the prayer

La illah illa Allah, it’s a short life!

The adhan is called when a child is born, and the prayer is delayed until his death

is a proof that his life is short just like the time between the adhan and the prayer

While one, at one night, may be happy and safe surrounded by his family, breaking to them the news about others

At another night he is all alone

There’s no money, no children, no company, no friends with them except their deeds

Then the news is broke to him

He was breaking the news about others, now the news is broke to him

While the physician was treating the disease, and has himself caught it

Then neither his medical degree nor his medicine would avail him

And unexpectedly he is being treated for the disease he was treating others for

What is amiss with the doctor that he died from the same disease he before was curing others of!

All died; the doctor, the patient, the medicine sellers, the medicine buyers and the medicine importers!

You are nothing, by Allah, but a piece of ice

Melting away as if it has never existed

One day one will become a body without the soul

If you are to wail, then wail for yourself, you poor thing!

You will die even if you are to be granted a long life as Noah’s

Be on guard, life will come to you suddenly! Life is short.

And get the words “I will” and “until” out of your mind, they are tricky diseases

So fear Allah, and don’t be concerned about this life which is short

Death is near; If not today, tomorrow

Death is a door; and all people will enter through that door

And beyond every door there’s an abode indeed

There is no abode for a person after death which he will live in except that which he used to build before death

So if he builds it with good, his abode will become delightful and if he builds it with evil the builder will certainly fail

Death was decreed for all creatures. How many lives has it claimed?

Where are Nimrod and Kan`an right now? Where are those who were mighty in the earth?

Where are those kings and mighty hunters?  They all were destroyed. Their trickery didn’t avail them

Where are the people of wisdom and piety? Where are the people of knowledge and the first Generation of Muslims?

They will all return to Allah, rewarded each one according to their deeds

Go against your low desires …. it is disliked although it is beneficial

When will you stay away from sins? When? When?

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