Natural Evil, the Devil and Magic (Special Folder)

By Dr. Ali Al-Halawani

Natural EvilMuslims believe the world is Allah’s gift to mankind and that there is proof of His existence in every natural object.

The finest grain of sand, with its patterned arrangements of atoms, displays the minute detail of His reckoning.

From the smallest of viruses to the largest of plants and animals, every living creature presents signs of Allah’s creational capacity.

The universe serves as a reminder that the extent of His creation is still unknown to man, and in this wondrous Universe, man’s place is that of the ultimate creation.

However, there are many signs in this universe that may need an adequate explanation. All faiths, philosophies and religions endeavour to provide such explanations especially to such confusing things such as:

The natural evil, why does God allow suffering and evil in the world?, the nature of Satan or the Devil, his deception, and the history of Halloween, what about magic and sorcery?, and why do Muslims stone Satan while they perform their annual pilgrimage?

To these questions and more, you can find adequate answers below in this Special Folder.

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Understanding Natural Evil

Why Does Allah Allow Suffering and Evil in the World?

Islam, Muslims and the Natural World

The Devil’s Deception

The Pagan Origins of Halloween

Trick or Treat? The Origin of Halloween

Lawful vs. Unlawful Astrology

The Story of Haroot and Maroot (P. 1)

The Story of Haroot and Maroot (P. 2)

Stoning of Satan in Hajj: Story and Significance


Dr. Ali Al-Halawani is Assistant Professor of Linguistics and Translation Studies. He is an author, translator, and writer based in Canada. To date, Al-Halawani authored over 400 original articles on Islam and Muslims, most of which can be accessed on www.truth-seeker.info and other famous websites. He has recently started to self-publish his articles and new books, which are available on Amazon and Kindle. You can reach him at [email protected].


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