Ruling of Delivering Friday Khutbah in Other than Arabic? 

What is the ruling of delivering Friday Khutbah in a language other than Arabic? 

The purpose of Friday khutbah is to remind the Muslims about their responsibilities and to motivate them to stop evil and promote good in their lives, families and in the community. It is also the purpose of the Friday khutbah to inform the Muslims about the condition of the Ummah and the world.

The Khutbah doesn’t have to be given in Arabic only. The Imam may give it entirely in the language of the local residents, or may give a portion of it in Arabic and another portion in the language of the local people. If we insist on giving the khutbah in Arabic alone, then a lot of non-Arabic speakers will not understand the speech and the purpose of the speech itself will be lost, because its purpose is to make people understand in any possible language, and not to sit and waste their time.

Watch this interesting talk to know know about the rulings of the Friday Khutbah (Jumu`ah) with Dr. Muhammad Salah.


Source: Huda Youtube Channel. 

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