Squeezing of the Grave for a Believer and a Disbeliever

Squeezing of the Grave

The prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) said:

“In the grave there is squeezing; and if anyone were to be saved from it, Sa‘d ibn Mu‘aadh would have been saved from it.”

This hadith is well known among scholars

And assuming its authenticity:

Then the squeezing of the grave for a believer, will be a merciful and compassionate squeezing

Like a mother hugging her child into her chest

As for the disbeliever, it will be a squeezing of torment-may Allah protect us-

As the prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) told us that when a person dies, two angles will come to him and ask him about three main beliefs.

Who is your lord? And what is your religion? And who is your prophet?

A believer will say: Allah is my lord

Islam is my religion, and Mohammad is my prophet.

We ask Allah the almighty to make this my answer, and your answer

As for hypocrite-we seek Allah’s refuge- or those with doubts

May Allah protect us all from this

He will say: what! What! I don’t know

I heard people saying so and so, so I said as they were saying

Then the grave will become narrow for him, until his rips overlapping each other

His rips will overlap each other due to the strength of the squeezing.

So, there is a difference between the squeezing of the earth for a disbeliever or for the skeptic, and the squeezing for a believer

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