Story of Sa`id ibn Jubair and the Lion

By Dr. Ali Al-Halawani

Story of Sa`id ibn Jubair and the Lion

Sa`id ibn Jubair (665–714), also known as Abu Muhammad, was originally from Kufa, in modern-day Iraq. He was regarded as one of the leading members of the Tabi`in – those who came after the Sahabah (the Companions of the Prophet, Peace and blessings be upon him). Sa`id is held in the highest esteem by scholars of Islam and was considered one of the leading jurists of the time. He also narrated several hadiths from Ibn `Abbas.

Ibn Abi Mughirah said that when people of Kufa visit Ibn `Abbas they used to ask him for Fatwa, he used to say to them: “Isn’t Sa`id Ibn Jubair among you?”; meaning that Sa`id is enough for you.

`Amr ibn Maymun said that his father said that Sa`id ibn Jubair passed away and everyone on the earth attained his knowledge.

Abu al-Qasim al-Tabari said: “He is a reliable Imam and hujjah on Muslims”.

Ibn Hibban said: “He was a jurist, worshiper, righteous and pious”.

Sa`id narrates 147 traditions in Sahih Bukhari and 78 in Sahih Muslim.

The following video by Dr. Ali Alhalawani relates to us the story of Sa`id ibn Jubair and the lion while he was escaping for his life from Al-Hajjaj ibn Yusuf Ath-Thaqafi and what happened between them.


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