The Best Act of Worship in the Sight of Allah

The best act of worship in the sight of Allah is du`aa’ (supplication)

Supplication is what worship is

Supplication is the essence of worship

When someone, for example, has a chronic disease

I know about more than fifty, or sixty stories of complete healing from incurable diseases

When there’s no hope left…

“And when I am ill, it is He who cures me” (Ash-Shu`araa’ 26:80 )

The West doesn’t believe in this at all

By Allah! Almost all of them

A Powerful Act of Worship!

Someone with quadriplegia

asked his sons to take him to perform `Umrah , but how could he, with such condition, perform `Umrah?

But he was very persistent

If they are to take their father for `Umrah , there is no such motorized chair used for his condition

They put him in the Prophet’s Mosque

And he told them to come back to take him after `Ishaa’ Prayer

They came back but they didn’t find him, they got totally confused

He supplicated to his Lord by saying: “O Allah either be buried in Al-Baqi` (graveyard in Medina) or You cure me”

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