The Faith Revival (1): Faith Is Refuge

Every day this month Sheikh Omar Suleiman is going to us through a saying, a verse, a tip on how we can revive, renew our faith, on how to maintain it and keep it strong.

When we talk about iman (faith/belief) we firstly need to know what faith is.

From a technical perspective, we know iman is to believe in God,  to believe in the Angles, to believe on the Messengers, to believe in the Scriptures, to believe in the Day of Judgment, to believe in Divine Decree.

But iman just goes beyond that.

So, before exploring different methods of reviving and protecting our faith, it’s important to understand the meaning of faith itself.

In the first episode, Sheikh Omar Suleiman explore what faith is, particularly its role as a protector – a refuge.


Source: Yaqeen Institute of Islamic Research

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