The Liar Mechanic

By Editorial Staff

The Liar Mechanic….

The Prophet (peace be on him) said: “Deceiving a mustarsal (an unknowing entrant into the market) is riba.”

The mustarsal is someone who is unaware of goods characteristics.

Some sellers have enough insight to realize which buyer is unaware

of the goods characteristics, and they sell him the worst product at the highest prices.

They think of themselves as smart ones.

True story

A brother told me that someone bought a new car and window shade.

Ye, being inexperienced of cars, he later discovered a problem in it. He brought it to a mechanic.

who gave him a scary description of the problem.

He asked for a large amount of money and a three-day period to fix it

while in the fact it takes only one minute, and costs almost nothing.

On the first day, this mechanic took his family by the car to Al-Zabadani.

on the second day to Ghouta, on the third day to the Airport Road.

His neighbor said to him “Oh man, fear Allah”.

It all takes a quarter of an hour, minutes… not three days and such a large amount of money!

He replied, “That’s the repair issue takes. I know what I’m doing.”

The mechanic has a son who works at a lathe shop where a piece of steel entered his eye.

He paid some forty of fifty thousand Lira for the surgery in Lebanon. A true story.

Allah is Great

Who is stupid? He is the one who deluded himself into thinking Allah will not bring them to account.

The one who deluded himself into thinking Allah will not punish.