The Most Important Reasons for Breast Expansion (Relief)?

The Most Important Reasons for Breast Expansion (Relief)?

“Did We not expand for you, (O Muhammad), your breast?” (Al-Inshirah 94:1)

What are the reasons for breast expansion “relief”?

Reciting Qur’an…


Indeed, by Allah

When anything distressed the Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessing be upon him), he prayed

Remembrance of Allah, “Unquestionably, by the remembrance of Allah hearts are assured”

Arise (to pray) the night

Indeed, by Allah

I assure by saying indeed, for what the scholars said about that

Asking Allah for forgiveness…

Yes, as asking Allah’s forgiveness removes the stain that covers your heart

It purifies your heart

And when it is purified, the heart will be happy, and expands with relief


Yes, I’m still saying that,

One of the quickest…I will say this very calmly

The quickest way that overwhelms your heart with happiness and relief is being benevolent to the people

By any means

Giving charity

Well said charity,

Charity is one of the most special form of Benevolence

Because sometimes benevolence can be by words, sometimes by forgiving

sometimes benevolence can be by dropping part of a dept

For example, I will drop four thousand from the eight thousand that someone owe you

This is a form of benevolence

Not to be envious….

Well said, purifying the heart from envy and hatred

Whenever sins increase, your breast will be heavy

Take this as a rule

And try to never break this rule

Whenever sins decreased, and good deeds increases, your breast will expand with relief

That’s why some people say I feel my chest is heavy, and I don’t know why

Are you sure that you don’t know why?

And if you really don’t know, then I know

And if we all don’t know, then this is the wisdom of Allah the Almighty

As the sins tightens the heart, whatever sins they are

The heart expands by worships, especially when Tawheed “oneness of Allah” is glorified in your heart

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