The Youth: The Wind of Paradise

The youth are the wind of Paradise

One of the most beloved things to Allah is the repentance of a young man.

Allah boasts to the angles about a penitent young person.

He says, “Look at My servant who has given up his or her lusts for My Sake”.

A penitent young man is a bit like an engine in a car.

The engine’s marvelous propulsion needs wise direction.

So, when the youth get astray, the scholars guide them through the teachings of Islam.

We encourage the youth to develop their skill because they are the future of the nation.

The youth are the power, shield and progress of the nation.

We should look after and listen to young men

as well as young women.

They can reap the benefits of following Islam.

They can be successful at home and work.

They can be successful with sons or daughters as well as their profession.

There is no room for blackmail or immoral actions.

A young man should choose to marry a virtuous woman to be able to bring up his children and live a happy life.

Allah says, “And who better fulfills his covenant than God?” (At-Tawbah 9:111)

The extinction of the whole world is easier to Allah than breaking the promises He has made to the believers.

I mean, individual application of Islam brings about safety and happiness in this life and Afterlife.