This Dutch Belgian Man Travelled the World & Found Islam

Four years ago he decided to leave his home and live his dream to travel the world. Among the countries that he has been to are: Turkey, Indonesia, Albania and Malaysia. It all started as a trip to live one’s own dream.

Dutch Belgian Man Travelled the World, Found Islam

Michael traveled to 60 countries in just 4 years and found Islam.

He shared his trip with family and friends through postcards, which has created popularity among family friends and friends of friends. It didn’t take long or they started to request for postcards from him too. Most of us would love to travel the world, right?

To receive a postcard from someone living their dream and sharing their experiences with you, that will definitely make your day awesome! This is a short story of Michael Ruppert. A 29 year old Dutch and Belgian guy, who traveled to 60 countries in just 4 years and found Islam.


When you call yourself a traveler it means you will be living at most minimal cost throughout your journey and the most important thing are the memories you gain and exploring parts of the world not seen by others is what you look forward to.

His passion to travel and share with everyone inspired many generous donors who wanted to see him continuing his journey. In return he send more postcards and most part of the donation that he received, he will give away to those in need, for example a school in Zimbabwe he visited that is surviving on its own and other learning institutions where he gave inspirational talks.

Michael wasn’t a Muslim when he started his journey. It was throughout the time he spend with a host family who interested him to find out more about Islam. As he explained in our interview with him

“After staying with many Muslim families in Malaysia and Indonesia I got curious and had questions like: What are they reading in the Qur’an? What do they do in the mosque? What do they celebrate on their holidays? My curiosity led me towards Islam.”

Lessons from Travelling

Dutch Belgian Man Travelled the World, Found Islam

“The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: ‘O mankind! Your God is one and your forefather (Adam) is one…

In the interview he even spoke about similarities of cultures in this world. He wishes through his sharing that everyone will learn about other people’s cultures because only then we will be able to accept everyone’s differences. Then, what was said by Donald Trump and some Islamic scholars will not divide us between different races or religions.

On his Facebook page Starring You he wrote on one photo he wrote:

“The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: ‘O mankind! Your God is one and your forefather (Adam) is one. An Arab is not better than a non-Arab and non-Arab is not better than an Arab, and a red (i.e. white tinged with red) person is not better than a black person and a black person is not better than a red person, except in piety’.”

He created the page when he started to receive overwhelming requests to send postcards from others than his family and circle of friends. It was also an opportunity for him to share his experiences and at his current locations he made arrangements to meet his followers in person.

In this current technology era receiving a simple postcard through the mailman still excites many of us. Hence, anyone of you who would love to be part of it, don’t be shy to send your address to this friendly guy or like his page to stay updated on his journey.

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Source: mvslim.com


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