What Are the Real Reasons Behind Problems in Our Life?

By Editorial Staff

Sometimes, you see someone living in sins and transgressions against the bone, yet they have good health, high position and high income and act all high and mighty to the extent that you foresee that he will certainly experience difficulties.

Sometimes, man fancies that if Allah the Almighty gives someone money, it means that he loves them. This is not necessarily true. Allah the Almighty says:

So when they forgot that by which they had been reminded, we opened to them the doors of every {good} thing until when they rejoiced in that which they were given, we seized them suddenly. (Al-An`am 6:44)

It means when Allah has mercy on someone, he will protect them and relieve their suffering.

On the other hand, the unbeliever may be allowed to rise to the top before falling from up high a terrible fall.

So which is better? To be treated daily? To come out of difficulties one by one? Every time you err? Every time you are ignorant? Every time you regret what you have done? Or otherwise, all these punishments be brought to you with an awful doom?

If you feel that Allah is watching over you, makes reckoning with you for every word, every shortening, every mocking smile and every sharp comment, believe that He loves you. This is great news for the believer. Allah says:

And whoever believes in Allah, He will guide his heart. (At-Taghabun 64:11)

He will guide his heart to the cause of calamity. So if calamity befalls someone, he may ask: O Allah, what did I do? Where is the wrong doing? What is my shortcoming for? For what sin?

Allah the Almighty guides your hear, O believer when he brings you some adversity, reminds you of some your mistakes. There is no slip, no beads of sweat, no scratch but for what your hands have put forth and Allah forgives more.

Watch this short video about the reasons behind our problems in life produced by the E-Da`wah Committee, Kuwait, and supervised by Dr. Muhammad Soud Al-Rashidi. The narrator is the famous Muslim scholar Muhammad Ratib al-Nabulsi.


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