What Does Allah Look Like?

Many questions rankle in our minds about the nature of God (Allah) to which we need answers.

Who is Allah? How does He look like? Where is He? What should we do with this kind of questions?

There are answers to each one. But they require calmness.

If I asked someone standing on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Beirut: “How much is the quantity of water in this sea?”

An ignorant person would give a number, while the one having knowledge will reply, “I do not know”.

“I do not know” is the true knowledge in such case. How much is the quantity of water in the Mediterranean from Beirut to Spain?

If you said, “I know”, you will be considered an ignorant person. If, however, you say “I do not know”, you are a knowledgeable one.

In such a case, replying “I do not know” would be considered knowledge.

Are there some questions whose answer is not cleared for people because of the Wisdom of God?

There are answers regarding the Divine Entity.

They remain unanswered.

Are their answers, intentionally, hidden by Allah so that we may not know them?

Yes of course. Allah has commanded me to believe in Him through pondering on His creation.

Although we cannot see Him, we can see Him through His creation.

How can Allah hear all creatures at a time? I do not know.

But I am certainly sure that Allah hears us all.

Is it because he told us that he hears all people?

Absolutely no! There is something called logic. Something, though cannot be seen, but its effects are clear.

If one perceives smoke behind a wall,

Logic says, there is no smoke without fire.

Although not seeing it, I believe that fire is there because I have seen its impact.