What Is the Evidence of the Existence of God?

By Editorial Staff

Is it logical that things determine how they are arranged?

Is it logical that no one tried arranging them?

Did cars make themselves?

Did watches make themselves?

There is always a maker.

What would happen if the earth gets closer to the sun?

What would happen if the earth moves away from the sun?

There is a fine balance between the elements and the natural forces available in this universe.

All things have been created according to an accurate measure and an absolute fine balance.

The entire universe is similarly accurately made and finely balanced. Our balance is part of the balance that characterizes the universe.

Our maker (God) is the one who created this great universe. Both are made with the same perfection. Both point to the same great Maker. The evidence is clearly seen. No one can cover the sun with one’s hand.

Source: Guide to Islam Channel


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