What Is the Importance of Ablution?

Islam requires both physical and spiritual cleanliness. On the physical side, a true Muslims should clean his/her body, clothes, home, community, and he/she is rewarded by Allah for doing so. This cleansing was practiced in Christianity as well, and was mentioned in the Bible.

Regarding the acts of worship such as prayer, all Muslims are required to make the ritual cleansing (wudu’) before standing and offering prayer before the Almighty Allah.

Here, Sheikh Bilal Philips talks about the importance of ablution during a session that was organized by Qatar Islamic Cultural Center (FANAR). He begins his talk by reminding the audience with faith and how the Muslim can maintain the relationship with Allah and His beloved Messenger (peace be upon him).

Then he starts talking about the key of prayer and one of its principles that is ablution. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “There is no prayer for one who does not have ablution, and there is no ablution for one who does not mention the Name of Allah (before it).” (Ibn Majah and Abu Dawud)

Enjoy watching this interesting talk with Sheikh Bilal Philips to learn more about the importance of ablution.


Source: DigitalMimber Channel on youtube.      

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