World War on Islam Why is there is a third war only on Islam?

World War on Islam Why is there is a third war only on Islam?

There is a third war only on Islam in all counties

Islam is oppressed worldwide, even in Muslim countries.

Why? Why should principles and values be oppressed while the outcome is a corrupt generation?

Whenever religion is oppressed, corruption spreads.

Corruption would spread because values will diminish.

The Muslim nation entity, culture and religion would be of no value!

We are 2 billion Muslims and occupy the most important and strategic region in the world.

Although we possess half of the earth huge resources, we lack the perfect application of the divine message. We are the poorest countries!

We are divided and the West enjoys watching our internal conflicts

When we disregarded the religion of Allah, Allah disregarded us!

This is very serious. I cannot believe a Muslim to be a true Muslim,

if s/he does not practice such noble teachings of Islam.

Follow the right path, your life will be stable.

Practice of good morals is better than calling for them.

A true believer should lead a perfect-noble life

through following the right religion or approach.

A Muslim should be a good role model and should have a perfect and charismatic character;

s/h should be humble, generous and patient.

Islam is about good morals. The Prophet had many good attributes

However, his God preferred to praise him with having good morals saying, “And indeed you are following a perfect and great course of morals” (Al-Qalam 68:4)

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