A Hindu Sadhu in a Masjid

This video was taken in Gujrat, where two Hindu saints or Sadhus

A Sadhu in Hinduism is an ascetic or mystic who renounced the worldly desires and needs.

visited a Masjid (mosque) and performed prayer. The Sadhu wore a skull cap and a dress like Muslims while a group of Muslims followed him and surrounded him throughout the visit. In addition, the Sadhu met the Imam of the Masjid and was very happy; laughing and smiling.

Importance of Communal Harmony in India

Recently in India the communal harmony has been totally destroyed by the inflammatory speeches of some Hindu extremist and terrorist leaders who poison the minds of the Hindu youths and incite them to attack Muslims and other minorities mercilessly.

There are some latest videos of this kind that show the attacks by some ignorant Hindu youths. In fact, those brutal scenes sadden the heart of every fair mind human being.

How to Create a Peaceful Co-existence

India needs a true amendment in its education system in elementary, middle and high school levels making some fair and true lessons about Islam and Muslims compulsory on the students. A subject with true information on Muslim history in India must be prepared by fair historians away from hostility, enmity and injustice. Furthermore, education to high school grade must be made compulsory for every Indian.

In addition, the inflammatory speakers must be jailed immediately, rather, must be judged under terrorism crime.

The reality is that Muslims and other minorities are inseparable part of the Indian society.

The Hindu youths need speeches and education on tolerance not inciting speeches by ignorant speakers.

This video is a mirror of an exemplary national unity between Muslims and Hindus in India.


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