Does Idol-worship Contradict the Logic?

By Editorial Staff
Does Idol-worship Contradict the Logic?

Many Hindu philosophers opposed idol-worship, in both ages; ancient and modern, and demonstrated its contradiction to the logic.

The Hindu speaker says:

I will present my opinion to you and you have to pay attention. If you find it good, then act according to it. But if you are not satisfied with my talk, then do not act according to it and leave it.

Story of a Mother in law and Daughter in law

In a village, a bride was brought after the marriage ceremony. Once, her mother-in-law asked the daughter-in-law to accompany her to visit one of the temples and said: “My daughter! Let us go to the Devi (goddess) to offer the devotion.” The daughter in law immediately became ready and told: “Yes, respected mother! Let us go to the temple.” The daughter in law carried the offerings and devotion items in her hand and left the home.

Lions of Stone at the Door of the Temple

The mother in law was walking in front and the daughter in law, when they arrived at the temple ground there were two lions. When the daughter in law saw the lions, she got scared and told the mother in law: “Mother! Mother! Stop, there are loins standing and they will eat us, let us return to the home.” The mother in law consoled her saying; you are very simple, and you will spoil my family. Those lions are not real ones, rather, they are made of stones; do you not see?  They cannot eat. The daughter in law walked forward saying if they cannot eat, then let us go ahead.

A Calf and a Cow of Stone at the Entrance of the Temple

However, when they arrived at the door of the temple, they saw a calf sucking the breast of a cow. The daughter in law told the mother; there is no one looking or seeing us and the calf is sucking the breast of a the cow, so let us bring a bucket from the house, and let us milk the cow and let us carry the milk to the home. The mother in law put her hands on her head in grief and sorrow, and said to her daughter in law: You are totally crazy; my son’s life has been destroyed because of you. Are you blind? Do you not see? The cow is made of stone and the calf is made of stone as well. Neither the cow can give any milk nor can the calf suck the breast. The daughter in law said that if the cow cannot give milk then let us go ahead and they moved further on.

The Goddess of Stone cannot do Anything

When the mother in law and the daughter in law entered the temple, the mother in law asked the daughter in law saying: my daughter! Now, ask whatever you wish. This is the goddess. The daughter in law turned her eyes around and asked; where is the goddess? The mother in law repeated; this is the goddess in front of you, ask her your wishes. The daughter in law said; mother! I thought it was made of stone! The mother told; all girls and woman ask her their wishes so ask her like they ask. The daughter in law replied; mother! Listen to me before asking the wishes; if the lion of stone cannot eat us, and if the cow of stone cannot give us milk, and if the calf of stone cannot suck the milk from the breast, then this goddess of stone cannot give me anything as well.

The Relatives Deserve the Respect

Further, the daughter in law added saying; in fact, you are my goddess! You are my real goddess, and you are a living goddess, I will serve you and in return, I will receive the respect and love from you. However, today, everything is happening in opposite; the real goddess that is sitting in the home in the form of mother and sister, in the shape of daughter or daughter in law. How a son hits his mother with stick insulting her with bad words, and when he goes to the goddess of stone, chants loudly: “Long live, O goddess mother! “Long live, O goddess mother!” On the real mother, showering with stick! And on the fake mother of stone, offerings of laddu (sweets)! You are never going to get well, never, ever! Unless you will throw the fake mother of stone behind, Until you will throw the fake goddess of stone behind, and the real goddesses who are sitting in the home in the form of mother and sister, in the shape of daughter or daughter in law, you cannot get well unless you respect them. If you will not learn how to respect them, you will never get righteousness. They are the real Devis and goddesses. Yes,  they are the real Devis and goddesses.


Editor’s Note: We present this video as an argument against the idol-worship in India. But Islam does not justify giving divinity to anyone except Allah the Almighty whether father, mother or teacher and this is unlike Hinduism.

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