Do’s and Don’ts when Giving Dawah to Non-Muslims

Do Not Always Point out Faults in Their Religion

Do not find faults or loopholes in their religion and don’t debate with them if it’s not necessary. It is not what Allah and the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) has taught us. It is also not the right way to teach about our beautiful religion Islam.

Try to Find Some Common Ground

Do’s and Don’ts when Giving Dawah to Non-Muslims

Discuss common things between Islam and their religion for example the Prophet Noah (Peace be upon Him) in the Quran and Bible have some similarity in their stories. This will break the tension and they’ll realize you’re not much different from them.

Choose Your Words Carefully

Be careful on how you word things and think before you speak. A Dai’iyah should have patience, lots of it.

Do Not Be a Hypocrite

Don’t be a hypocrite about what you preach. Like telling non-Muslims that drinking alcohol is wrong while drinking it yourself secretly (you will get caught someday and besides you can never hide from the eyes of Allah)

Physical Appearance

Have a good physical appearance. Western people use their eyes to judge you first and your knowledge secondly. You wouldn’t want to impart the impression that we (Muslims) are lazy and don’t care much about a neat outfit and a good look. Remember that first impression if the last impression.

Do Not Insult

Don’t insult them or their religion. Islam doesn’t teach us to hurt the feelings of others and your first priority must be to educate them about Islam, not convert them straight away. We present the information, Allah puts it in their hearts to accept Islam.

Do Not Go Deep Into Subject You Know Nothing About

Don’t go deep into a subject that you don’t know much about. They say the devil is in the details. If you do, people may ask you questions that you may not know the answers to.

Use Common Sense

Much of Islam is based on common sense, so use it when explaining to people and they can relate to common sense and thus understand better.

Be Smart

Understand the person you are speaking to and adjust your speech accordingly to the level of the individual you are dealing with.  That way, they’ll be more engaged and receptive to the information.

Avoid Controversial Issues

Avoid controversial issues, like Jesus ( Peace be upon Him) is not the son of God. A good topic would be at the Prophet Abraham (Peace be upon Him). You wouldn’t want to start any fights in the first meeting.

Bring Proofs About Our Religion

Don’t be afraid or hesitant to bring out proofs about our Islam. Our sources are authentic and still available in the original Arabic language. This is unique to our religion and we can use it to our advantage.


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