From Hinduism to the Monotheism of Islam

In this video, an educated Hindu brother speaks about his long spiritual and religious journey. He searched

The guidance to the message of Islam is like getting a light in the darkness of life.

for the true religion for a long time to adopt it as his way of life. He started his serious study from Hinduism, going through Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism and even atheism. He read, searched, analyzed but he did not find what he was looking for in any of these religions and those intellectual tendencies until he reached Islam.

A Fair Comparison between Religions

After the brother failed to find what can satisfy his spiritual thirst and religious hunger, he began reading about Islam comparing between the above-mentioned religions. His study made him satisfied with Islam and became convinced of the truth of Islam. After a hard and deep study, he embraced Islam wholeheartedly and adopted it as his only way of life.

At the Door of Buddhism and Atheism

When he studied Buddhism, he discovered that Buddhist philosophy was uncertain, rather silent about the existence of God. Therefore, he concluded that Buddhism does not have the final truth.

When he became doubtful about Christianity and Judaism, still he was satisfied that God existed. His mind never accepted the possibility of creation by itself without the will of a Creator. If your mind cannot imagine the creation of a simple thing like computer by itself, how can you accept the creation of the whole universe with all of its complicated and accurate system including: living things and non-living things?

A Logical Debate on Islam

After he refused atheism based on logical conclusions, he believed in the existence of a Supreme Being but he was totally ignorant of how to worship Him, or how to approach him and how to discover his orders and will.

Once he was in a hospital for the treatment of his mother, one of his Muslim friends asked him saying: “Do you believe in God?”

He answered: “Yes, I do, I come from a Hindu family and I believe in God.”

His friend asked him: “What is your belief in God?”

He answered: “I do not believe in Hinduism, I do not believe in polytheism or idol worship, but I believe that there is only One God who is worthy of our worship. However, I am not sure of the way of worship. However, I pray in myself on my own way.”

His friend asked: “What do you think about Islam?”

He answered: “I do not have much information about Islam? But, perhaps, Islam is not different from Judaism and Christianity.”

His friend started to explain to him the five pillars of Islam;

  1. Declaration of Faith (Shahadah).
  2. Prayer (Salah).
  3. Charity (Zakah).
  4. Fasting (Sawm).
  5. Pilgrimage (Hajj).

It is noteworthy that the brother was impressed by the concept of tawheed in Islam or the belief in the Oneness of God. In fact, he found his final goal in the philosophy of worship for only One God. This was an important factor that influenced his mind and heart and caught his attention from the begging of his journey to Islam.

Who is wrong; the Car or the Driver?

Then, the brother questioned his Muslim friend about women’s rights, terrorism and other bad practices amongst some Muslims. Then, his friend explained to him all the misunderstood issues with an example.

He presents an example of car and driver asking him will you judge Islam through the practices of some so-called Muslims or through the principles and teachings of Islam? Will you judge a car by its driver or by the quality of car itself? Suppose, if a good car is driven by a drunken driver and some accidents are caused, who has to be blamed, the car or the driver? Surely, the driver must be blamed and not the car. And the same is applicable to the teachings of Islam and the practices of some ignorant Muslims.

I hope that you will be enlightened with this video that presents a unique spiritual experience by an educated Hindu brother who studied the major religions of the world before embracing Islam.

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