Generosity of a Hindu in Ramadan

English translation by Editorial Staff

Belo Chaudhry’s wife says:

“There is a great sense of joy, where travelers break their fast in the month of fasting, we feel joy from the depth believing that we have done a good job, and if there is less number of people we wish if the number was larger and the house was full of people. And we are doing this for ten years.”

Showing generosity for guests is a kind of worship in Islam, but due to the changing of circumstances and worsening the attitudes of the people, coming of guests is regarded a sort of burden. However, during the month of Ramadan, it is a followed tradition in Belo Chaudhry’s family to feed two hundred up to two hundred and fifty people daily in Iftar (breaking the fast at sunset) and Sahur (meal before dawn for fasting), and this good work gives them and spiritual tranquility.

Belo Chaudhry’s wife says:

“This action is for Allah the Almighty and to seek His pleasure, we initiated this work for this noble cause and a large number of people are attracted to our table, Masha’ Allah! (Allah has willed it!). Even, sometimes there are 200 people or more.”

She added saying:

“And all preparations are done before the advent of Ramadan and we buy all necessities before the month of Ramadan, such as children’s dresses and household supplies in preparation for Ramadan, as we keep in our minds that we have to feed the people during Ramadan and we will not do anything else.”

Belo Chaudhry says in this regard:

“We urge our children to keep this work after us and to serve the people. Now, we have already bought all required things before Ramadan, and we have done that before Ramadan by a month. We own two flats and give them on rent but before the contract is signed we tell the leaseholder to leave the apartment during the month of Ramadan and we provide them alternate place, and after the month of Ramadan they return to their apartment.”


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