Hindus Embraced Islam Without Sword

In this video, the brother states that he was a Hindu but later he was guided to Islam. Before his conversion he was called Di Bhala Ganga Dhar. After embracing Islam, he got the beautiful name “`Abdul-Ghani”.He tells that one of his family members was sick and was treated by a Muslim family. The patient was a child of seven years. After treatment he memorized the whole glorious Qur’an and studied Islamic teachings and expressed his intention to convert to Islam and became a Muslim.

Di Bhala Ganga Dhar became `Abdul-Ghani

After that Di Bhala Ganga Dhar was invited to Islam by his cousin `Abdur-Rahman the first convert in his family who had accepted Islam after memorizing the Qur’an. He reverted to Islam along with his family and he began working as a preacher of Islam.

A Hindu Convert becomes A Preacher of Islam

In this video, he shows documentary proof of people who converted to Islam with authentic conversion certificates. In this video, he states that during the period of 16 years about 500 people reverted to Islam by the grace of Allah the Almighty. May Allah bless his efforts and strengthen his noble intentions.

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