How to Upload Files to Rapidshare

Have you heard about online file sharing? Did you visit Rapidshare before?

Learn here how to upload your files online via Rapidshare…

Step 1: Signing up for the Service

First you are going to need to visit the Rapidshare site at “www.rapidshare.com”. On the page that loads click the red “Register” button in the top right. Make sure that “Free account” is selected and then enter your user details, accept the terms of use and click “Continue”. You will then need to go to your email account to find the activation link, open the email from Rapidshare and click the “Confirm your new account…” link.

Step 2:  Uploading a File to Rapidshare

Now go back to the Rapidshare site and enter the logon details you just created into the top right of the screen. Once you have logged in click “OK” in the dialog box that appears. Now click the “Easy file sharing” option and you will be taken to the file manager. Click “Upload” on the page that loads and select the file you want to upload from your computer. A progress bar will appear indicating the progress of the file upload. When this has completed the file is now on Rapidshare.

Step 3: Testing the Upload

To make sure that the upload has worked let’s try and download the file from Rapidshare. Right click on the file and in the menu that appears click on the download link address at the bottom and then press “Control C” on the keyboard. Open a new tab and paste this link into the address bar, a page will load and you need to click “Download file” – the file will download to your computer indicating that the upload worked and that is how to upload to Rapidshare.

The tutorial below is going to show you how to upload files to Rapidshare…


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