Muslims of India! Do not Fear

By Editorial Staff

Hindus and Muslims are both eyes of India, both eyes help each other to see, and add to the beauty of each other.

in this short article islamforhindus would like to remind the Muslim brothers and sisters in India to strengthen their faith and trust in Allah the Almighty and their love for the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). A Muslim always puts his trust in Allah the Almighty.

1- Do you remember that Allah the Almighty saved the Prophet Muhammad and his companion Abu Bakr As-Siddiq in the cave with spider net and pigeon’s eggs on the entrance of cave as his enemies thought that no one is inside the cave and left the cave while they were inside the cave.

2-The Glorious Qur’an has mentioned the story of the Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) and Pharaoh who tried to kill every male child in bani Israil’s community, but Allah the Almighty made the Prophet Moses to be raised by Pharaoh until he was grown up.

3-The Glorious Qur’an has mentioned the story of Ibrahim (peace be upon him) who was thrown in the fire, but Allah the Almighty ordered the fire not to harm the Prophet (peace be upon him) and to be turned into garden and it became a safety and peace for him.

4- Your life and death are in the hand of Allah the Almighty, you will never die before your time, so try to be true follower of Islam. And do not leave Islam because of fear because, it is better to die as Muslim than to die on denying your faith.

5-Forget the sectarian thought, if you are Barelvi Barēlwi, Deobandi, Salafi, Ahle-Hadith, Tablighi-Jamaat, Da`awat e Islami, Hanafi, Shafei, Hanbali, Maliki, you are all Muslims; you all say la ilaha illallah Muhammadur-Rasulullah, and remember: tiny differences or controversies do not expel you out of your religion.

6-Yes, you cannot follow the Qadyani sect who became apostate because of their denial of the finality of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

7- Select the Muslim politician to support like Asaduddin Owaisi or who are on the same method.  Stand behind them, support them, follow them.

8-Ttry to avoid religious debates on controversial issues, and boycott any of those scholars who always raise Munazrah or debate on small issues. People in the modern world unite despite of basic controversies in their faith, culture and ideology while Muslims are divided into sects despite, they belong to the same religion, faith and culture.

9-Try to teach your kids; sons and daughters the Glorious Qur’an and make them memorize some sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) with translation and teach the basics of Islamic faith.

10-Try to educate your family members secular and worldly sciences, never, leave your kids; sons and daughters illiterate or uneducated. Take the benefits of the government schools, colleges, universities and educational centers in your country and it is your constitutional right. You must realize that education is life and illiteracy is death.  The enemies always try to deprive you from education. When you are deprived of education you are loser and the poverty will be your destiny forever.

11- Use the latest technology in educational purposes and learning goals; do not use them in bad and useless activities.

12- Be careful about the situation in India when you are traveling long journey in trains or buses or when you are in the majority of Hindus specially illustrate areas because the mob lynching cases are high in the illiterate and uneducated communities who are jobless and poor and their life and death are equal, no use if they are alive, and no harm if they dead. They easily follow extreme thought or ideology blindly.

13- Try to avoid arguments with the illiterate people who are brainwashed and filled with hatred. But if you got surrounded with such situation, then call the police, or emergency no. It is the duty of police to protect the people irrespective of their faith, caste or religion.

14-Try to appeal your political leader to submit a memorandum to the prime minister reminding him of the past mob lynching incidents appealing him to issue instructions to the police departments all over the country  to safeguard the people and punish the criminals severe punishments and save the name and fame of India that is being destroyed by a small group of people. Now, every crime is watched and spread all over the world within minutes.

You can help by calling the police

14-If your brother or sister in Islam or any innocent, Dalit or any human being is attacked by the illiterate mobs, don not be silent, rather, defense your brother and sister and do not leave the person dying on the hands of beasts helplessly. At least you can call the police to inform them about the ongoing incident. The police are paid from the treasury of the government to protect the people.  We see today’s world people watch and record the videos while his brother or sister is beaten or killed in broad daylight. Why are people so coward these days?  Where is the courage to defense and interfere?

15- I am sure if these advises are implemented properly by the Muslim community, India will become haven again, and people will feel safety and security, and nonresident Indians will long to return to their beloved country to enjoy its natural and composite home environment.

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