NRC and CAB A Hell for Muslims in India

This article tries to examine and explain different aspects of NRC and CAB, highlighting the fears and scares of Muslims in India in future. The content is based on the latest and fair debates and arguments going on in India. During this week, India has seen heated protests and angry demonstrations in various states of India, including Delhi. Male and female students at the Jamia Millia Islamia in Delhi were beaten and hit by the Indian police for demonstrating against the new citizenship amendment bill that has been regarded by many as racist and discriminatory.

What is the NRC?

Recently, India has launched a program in Assam state “The National Register of Citizens” NRC. All residents were asked to register their names in that register and prove with documents that they are Indians and not foreigners. There was a time limit to prove their nationality with legal documents when the procedure finished the authorities came face to face to a bitter reality as they found about two million residents unsuccessful to prove their Indian nationality, including Muslims and non-Muslims, even some Indian military veterans, even names of some decedents of former President of India, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, (1905 – 1977) president of India from 1974 to 1977 were missing from the NRC and many others have failed to prove their nationality, though their parents and grandparents were born in India and never left the country, because there was no care for registering their births or nationality due to many reasons as is the situation in most of Indian rural areas. It is interesting to note that majority of those who failed to prove their nationality was non-Muslims and Indian authorities became worried about their fate that led them to another law or bill that can solve the problem. That is the act called CAB (Citizenship Amendment Bill).                  

What is the CAB or new law?

The new law or CAB (Citizenship Amendment Bill) offers citizenship to non-Muslims from three nearby countries. The bill mentions non-Muslims who will be included in the citizenship; Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christians.  But the bill excludes only Muslims, so; no Muslim would get this privilege according to this amendment. This amendment has been refused by many parliament members; Muslims and non-Muslims because this amendment contradicts some basic Indian constitutions such as the act No. 14 of Indian constitution. Indian authorities have announced their plan to implement the NRC in its all states, and every resident will be asked to prove their citizenship with legal documents as was done in Assam and who will prove their nationality with papers will be regarded as Indian and who will fail to prove their nationality with legal documents would declared as foreigners and infiltrators and after that they be regarded as stateless people in India without any right and would be thrown in detention camps; the hell on this earth. It is definite that there will be a large number of people who will fail to prove their nationality as happened in Assam. However, the non-Muslims would be honored with citizenship in every state according to the controversial and discriminatory bill CAB that excludes only Muslims who will be sent to the detention camps with their wife, children, family and dependents where the death will better than the life. This is the major worries for Muslims in India and this is the cause of protests everywhere in India.

Why ONLY MUSLIMS were excluded?

According to Muslim politicians and religious leaders, the Hindu extremist groups and politicians fear that Muslims will become majority in فاث coming few decades and the Hindus will become minority. Hindus prefer to have only two children (Ham do, Hamare do) and family planning is more common among non-Muslims than Muslims in India due to religious, social and educational reasons. Hindu extremist political groups need more Hindu population to get votes in order to be in power but if Muslims become majority, they will not be in power, the fast and quick solution for this problem is to get rid of Muslim population as much as they can and to multiply the Hindu population as much as they can. To achieve this goal, they have passed the new citizenship bill to give nationality to Hindus and other minorities, every non-Hindu minority that will get the citizenship is expected to be and remain thankful for the political party that granted them this privilege, and thus, the vote bank will be stronger. In addition, the existing Hindu population will be happy with them, whom they see as their saviors and guards for their religion and culture. Additionally, it will be very easy to divert the people’s eyes and minds from serious financial problems, growing joblessness, urgent environmental issues, declining economy, etc.

Are the Worries of Hindus True?

However, the fears of Hindus are false and based on mere illusion, the Muslims are living in India since about 1000 years, even they ruled India around 800 years but Hindus remained always in majority, if Muslim population will grow, Hindu population will also grow as well in the same average of their population who are now 80% while Muslims are only 10% and their growth also will be slower and in the same level or percentage. So, there should not be such fears in the minds of Hindus.

Is CAB a Problem or Solution?

India is second largest population in the world after China and it will soon overtake China to become the most populous country in the world.

The fact is that India is unable to afford its present and recent population, let aside the extra immigrant citizens. Public services are very poor across India, education is less and illiteracy is on high, natural resources are on the brink, many Indian states are facing water problems, rather, many states will become uninhabitable for the life during few coming decades. Because of lawlessness and disorder it is said “India runs by itself, no one runs it”. If citizenship was granted so generously who will afford them? If you are so generous why are you depriving those honorable people of India who gave you Tajmahl, Lalqila, Charminar, who introduced you Kurta, Paijama, Shirvani, instead of Dhoti, who saved your daughter from infanticide, abortion and Sati and who contributed to advance your culture to the better in faith, practice, lifestyle and tradition.

Should be Muslims Worried on CAB?                  

Muslim leader say that the answer is yes; Muslim’s concern is valid, true and based on the ground reality in Assam. Because of the NRC people lived in hell and became worried about their fate. Instead of working for their daily livelihood, people ran around the offices, to collect their legal papers, many of them faced a lot of problems because of misspelled names, mistakes in father’s name or grandfather’s name. The mistakes in names are very common in India, Muslim names are very hard for the Hindu clerks to write or pronounce properly. I was told by one of my friend whose mother was traveling from Bihar to USA and the name in passport was different from the name in Adhar card and for this they faced a lot of problems on the airport. Will they cancel the ticket or would be allowed to travel? He and his mother were in Dilemma and undecided for hours.

It is very important to note that the CAB will protect Hindus who will not need any document, it is only enough for them to claim that they are from Pakistan, Bangladesh or Afghanistan and they are non-Muslim and they will be granted the Indian citizenship only condition for the Indian citizenship is not to be a Muslim. Because of this bill Hindus will be treated with kindness and mercy and Muslims will be treated in harsh and complicated manner.

Are the Non-Muslim Minorities Safe in India

The bill claims cooperation and mercy for the non-Muslim minorities who were persecuted in Muslim countries but the question is: are the minorities; Christians and Muslims safe in India? What will you say about the mob-lynching across India? Christians are always easy targets of Hindu extremists. If you failed to protect your own minorities how will you protect the new emigrants? The Hindu extremists are more dangerous to the minorities the Muslims in three mentioned countries.

Do or Die for Muslims:

Muslims and many fair Hindu politicians see that Muslims will be insulted, oppressed and stripped of their rights in coming decades because of this bill. If this bill was passed and Muslims remained silent or accepted it now, their coming generations will be silent forever. But if they opposed it now, they and their coming generation will live in India honored and will get their equal rights without any fear or scare.

Indian authorities should withdraw this bill immediately, before it is too late. The tourism to India is declining, the transport system is penalized across the country, and business activities are lower. The religious slogans do not impress now, every Indian or at least every Indian home has access to the internet, they can verify the true and false promises and slogans. They are aware enough to be fooled by political leaders; even they can find contradiction of a politician through his own words in his previous videos and latest videos. All materials are available online. In my opinion, the truthful and unbiased leader is more likely to win always, specially, in this age.

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