Why Ramlal and Shyamlal became Abdul-Wahid?

By Editorial Staff

Muslims in India had a grand and honorable history over more than one thousand years.

Those who are now occupying the throne of rule, who claim that they are the original Hindus, in fact, they are the most dangerous enemy of Hindu Dharm. If they were righteous humans and if their forefathers were righteous humans, and if they would have presented the true Hinduism, today, this Abdul-Wahid was not Abdul-Wahid, rather, he was Ramlal or Shyamlal.

The four hundred millions (40 Crore) of Indian Muslims are because of their own misbehavior. Indeed, the Indian Muslims are because of them. When they beat the Dalits, the Dalit decides to convert to Islam. When they beat the Dalits, they plan to convert to Buddhism. Likewise, when we had been hit by them, we converted to Islam.

I challenge Narendra Modi who says that he belongs to the RSS, and claims that the party is loyal to the country. However, I challenge Modi openly: “If you are strong enough, and if you were fed with your real mother’s milk, come and sit with me, and I will prove to you that RSS does the same that is done by the Muslim terrorists. RSS do the same, Hindu Parishad does the same and Bajrang Dal does the same that has been done by Osama bin Laden and Mullah Omar.”

The entire world knows this reality. Where did you emerge from? You did not emerge from the palace of Mayawati. Where were you arrested? Where are the factories of the weapons? The factories of weapon belong to the Sangh Parivar. Who prints the fake currencies? Abdul-Wahid never prints that, Abdul-Hameed never prints it, Abdur-Rahman never prints it, Abdul-Majeed never prints it. It is the leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party who prints the fake currencies. They claim that Muslims are the betrayers. How are Muslims betrayers? The leader of RSS prints fake currencies even though he is not a betrayer of the country? What Abdul-Wahid is declaring here is not a betrayal, rather, the real betrayal is the fake currency printed by the RSS leader.


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