Give Da`wah: Awaken the Hearts

How should we call to God and from where should we begin? Is Islam something new needed to be introduced to others? Learn how to become genuine callers to God ...

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Imam Malik ibn Anas

Imam Malik's mother advised him to join the first school and university in Islam, the Mosque of the Prophet in Madinah, where he started by memorizing the Glorious Qur’an and then the Hadith [tradit...

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Islam and Hinduism

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Islam For Christians

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    Islam For Christians

    Forbearance in Islam

    Forbearance is one of the qualities most liked by God. Since forbearance is an attribute of God and a tradition of His prophets, it is a reason for love by God ...

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    Islam For Christians

    Makkah (Mecca) in the Bible (2/2)

    In the first part, we spotlighted the direct references to Makkah (Mecca) in the Bible. In this second part, we will highlight the indirect references to Makkah ...

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What You Don’t Know about Islam and Women

Many criticisms have been levelled against the status of women in Islam; however, these criticisms can be traced back either to ignorance of the real status of woman in Islam, or to fanaticism and ext ...

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Jewels of Islam (Special Folder)

Islam is the religion of about 1.7 billion people all over the world. It is believed by Muslims that Islam is the original faith sent down and prescribed by Allah (God) the Almighty for all humanity s ...

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Darwinism Refuted (Special Folder)

This is a Special Folder titled: Darwinism Refuted (Special Folder); it is in a way a collection of some of the materials previously published by Truth Seeker as an endeavor to refute the false theory ...

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