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Wed, 01 Jul 2015 04:45:52 GMT (Ramadan 14, 1436) Updated:11:01 am
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What Is the Purpose of Life?

In this video, Sheikh Sh. Yusha Evans, a lecturer and caller to Islam from Greenville, South Carolina, talks about the source of the universe, how it came to existence and the purpose of life.


How to Lead an Ideal Islamic Life

Enjoy watching this video produced by IPC (lslam Presentation Committee) on how to lead an ideal Islamic life.



Hindu Yoga and the Five Prayers in Islam (3/3)

By: Editorial staff Is Yoga a Source of Supernatural Powers? Yoga has been considered since ancient times a method to get extraordinary power, even in the present era, many Hindu yogis exercise yoga for this purpose.  However, ...


Aurangzeb’s Generosity for Hindus

During Aurangzeb's long reign of fifty years, many Hindus, notably Jaswant Singh, Raja Rajrup, Kabir Singh, Arghanath Singh, Prem Dev Singh, Dilip Roy, and Rasik Lal Crory, held very high administrative positions.



How did District Judge Marilyn Mornington Revert to Islam?

How did District Judge Marilyn Mornington revert to Islam though she was supposed to correct violent Muslims who were allegedly inspired violence by Islam?


How did Prayer and Fasting in Ramadan Convert Christina to Islam?

Sister Christina developed strong spiritual connection during prayer at the Mosque in Ramadan and was very impressed with fasting



All About Ramadan (1436/2015)

In this Special Folder (All About Ramadan), we will focus on fasting and its related issues.
Prophet Muhammad
Prophet Muhammad
Prophet Muhammad

How did the Prophet React to Personal Abuse?

Do you believe in Prophet Muhammad? If not, Why? Do you not agree that a person may be rightly judged by his/her reactions especially to personal abuse?