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The Last Miracle
Tolerance in Islam

Tolerance in Islam

Enjoy watching this video by Sheikh Yusuf Estes as well as a clique of Muslim scholars talking about the concept of tolerance in Islam and its manifestations in the Islamic instructions.

Paradise in Islam

Paradise in Islam

Enjoy watching this video by Sheikh Nouman Ali Khan talking about Paradise and Hellfire, the punishment and reward, in this life and the hereafter, according to the texts of revelation.


Islam for Hindus
Merits of Islamic Rulings

Merits of Islamic Rulings (2/2)

The Islamic way of life is a practical one, it is not beyond the human strength, but according to people’s ability, the provisions of Islam have been applied almost a thousand years in all parts of the Muslim world.


Slaughtering Animals in Manu Shastr

Some Hindus challenge the validity of slaughtering any animal for meat, regarding it as a major sin and a heinous crime.


Islam For Christians

Despair and Suicide in Islam

In the Qur’an, there is a warning against suicide. The Qur’an makes it clear that human life is sacred. Life cannot be taken without justification


Literacy and Seeking Knowledge in Islam

The pursuit of knowledge is important in Islam. Prophet Muhammad encouraged his followers to attend learning classes, and he sent teachers of Quran to the outlying tribes and far away cities



All about Hajj (1435/2014)

The life-time journey; if conducted properly, it will erase all sins of the pilgrim. So, every Muslim intending to undertake this journey should first learn well its rituals and how to perform them correctly.

Jewish-Muslim Relations: The Qur’anic View

This series of articles proposes to refute the anti-Semitic doctrines propounded by religious and political extremists, and to examine the Qur’anic references which are cited in support of these pernicious interpretations.